Sertifikat Belajar Online


Berikut ini beberapa Pelatihan Online yang udah saya ikuti ditengah kesibukan sebagai Fullstack Developer di Rumah Sakit Besar, Jakarta Timur.

  1. React basis For Beginners
  2. React Hooks and Context
  3. Start Coding Browser Extenstion Using Javascript
  4. Build A TodoList with Go (Golang), Fiber and React
  5. C# Complete Master Course
  6. Learn C# Programming in One Day
  7. Learning Coding with C# from scratch
  8. React - The Complete Guide with React Hook Redux in 4hr
  9. React Redux Toolkit
  10. React - Complete Developer Course with Hands-On Projects
  11. Master Class: React + Typescript Web Development
  12. Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certified 2022
  13. Build Your Own WebServer For Multiple Websites On The Cloud
  14. Complete ASP.NET Core MVC 6: A Project guide 2024

  1. Kursus GIT
  2. Kursus Golang Dasar
  3. Kursus React Dasar

  1. (New) Foundational C# with Microsoft

Digitalent Kominfo

  1. Professional Academy ~ Golang